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The Holy Spirit

Lord God Almighty,
Thank you for the blessing of your Holy Spirit who guides and keeps me in all my ways.  I cannot live the Christian life by myself.  The Holy Spirit must live in me and express Himself through me.  Living for Christ Jesus is a day by day experience and requires a continuous dependence upon Your Spirit Father.  If it be your will Father, I boldly come to you asking that as I study you will open my mind to a greater understanding of Your Word.  I pray this through your beloved Son Christ Jesus – Amen.

The Holy Spirit
    Let me stress again to you that you not take my word for anything – nor anyone else’s.  Please make time to prove all things to yourself!  I have spent – and still spend countless hours researching, among other things, the Holy Spirit.  I am blessed to be at a point in my life journey that I have the time and resources to do this.  You, on the other hand, might not.  For that reason I offer this article as a jump off point for you.
    I confidently believe we MUST possess an understanding of the Holy Spirit.  In this article I am not addressing the topic of the trinity.  Neither is this article an exhaustive elucidation by me of the Holy Spirit.  This is a somewhat high-level view on the topic as I address the Holy Spirit many times in this website in the hopes that what I write at various points might motivate you to not only read and consider what I write but entice you to make the time to actually do your own research.   Allow me to reiterate the point that I confidently believe we MUST possess an understanding (acceptance) of the Holy Spirit.

Doubting Thomas
     Like it or not….believe it or not….we all have a private life with God. I have heard this relationship best described as the Creator-creature relationship.  Many try to deny or ignore that relationship. I understand that stance. I too was once at that point. If I couldn’t see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, or touch it….it didn’t exist in my reality and I was wise to not waste time thinking about it! I was too busy to deal with that stuff.  However philosophy is philosophy and not the Word of God our heavenly Father. Hopefully, if it is God’s will, I will begin a series on the Greek culture of biblical times as well as how the deep-seated influence of Greek philosophers, e.g., Plato, impact us as we strive to study and understand God and Scripture (did you know Plato studied at the Mystery School of ancient Egypt)?
      Let’s begin by agreeing that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. At this point or perhaps better said and understood….for now….we will not enter into the discussion of whether the Holy Spirit is a person or an “it.” The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God our heavenly Father.  
     For clarity, at this time I propose the written word spirit and Spirit are Not synonymous. For example, Scripture such as Gen 2:7 and Job 27:3-4 purports the Spirit of God is distinct from the breath of life (the spirit of man) — bold red emphasis mine. Man has a spirit in him, given to him by God, but the spirit in man is NOT the same Spirit that God possesses. Take your time with that as I will be building on this for my foundation.
     In another article in this website I challenged (suggested or prompted) you to substitute the word right-thinking for the word righteousness as you read or study the Holy Bible. If you tried what I challenged you to do then you no doubt have had several “Aha” experiences. Here is another “Aha” moment I have come to believe, at least as of this writing. The use of the word spirit and Spirit in our Holy Bible must be given extra attention and be digested slowly in the mind. Please remember that we can do nothing on our own without the grace of the Father, so we must ALWAYS ask (pray) to walk in His Spirit and be granted greater understanding of the Scriptures we have been blessed with.  To even begin one MUST REPENT FIRST and work to restore our Creator-creature relationship.  Repentance means, and MUST BE, a complete, truthful, and voluntary change of mind, change of heart, and change of life with regard to sin.  Father loves us and provides us with the means but we are STILL REQUIRED TO DO SOME PERSONAL WORK!  This is a common point that many refuse to accept, take responsibility for, and act on.  Setting aside the usual and predictable excuses, the work required of us is not easy.  There are NO shortcuts and neither should there be.  All sin starts in the mind; therefore, we are only as holy as our "thought lives" are holy.  Quoting Joy Dawson,"The level of our repentance of sin will depend upon the degree to which we see sin as God sees it and hate it as God hates it.  We confess sin, shed tears of repentance, and weep over the mess it has gotten us into, but we may never really repent of it."  It requires little research to see the truth in that last sentence by simply reading the Holy Bible.  Over and over one finds half-hearted repentance and the predictable outcome!  Borrowing from A.W. Tozer,"Much of our difficulty as seeking Christians stems from our unwillingness to take God as He is and adjust our lives accordingly."
     Before we became flesh we were Spirit. But the inherited sins of the flesh prevent us from the continued and complete access of Divine Spirit. Our being in the flesh is a (stick with me here)testing period . The Apostle Paul put forward in 1 Corinthians 15:50….”Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God…” There are SO MANY teachings in what I am writing that the temptation to digress is a constant battle – oh wait…I digressed didn’t I?

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