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In the Beginning

Genesis is a Greek word meaning "origin," "source," "generation," or "beginning."  The original Hebrew title Bereshith means "In the Beginning" (NKJV).  When this book was translated from Hebrew to Greek, some 250 years before Christ Jesus, the title was changed from "In the Beginning" to "Genesis" (more on that later). Genesis is the key to the whole Bible.  One must be able to accept Genesis or understanding the Bible will be impossible.  Genesis 3:15 reveals to us that we all live in two worlds.  One world is the physical world that we see with our physical eyes.  The other world is a spiritual world that is as real as the physical world yet we cannot see it with our physical eyes.  We are all created with an eternal soul and spirit which is part of the spiritual world we live in.  The subject of Genesis is not so much creation as it is the creator (more on that later).

 This is our starting point - remember as we journey here...restrain the ego, intellect, judgement, and Satan trying to get you off course!  There are 2 books in the Bible that Satan will try his best to confuse you with or keep you from.  Those are Genesis - because that book tells of his entrance into this world and the other is Revelation because it tells of his "undignified exit" from this world.  Satan will do everything possible to confuse you and persuade you that Genesis is a myth and Revelation is mystery hoping we will leave them alone and not STUDY for ourselves.
    Genesis means birth or beginning.  This Book includes reports on the creation; the Garden of Eden; the antediluvians, or people before the flood; the flood; the tower of Babel; the dispersion or scattering of the races; and the lives of the patriarchs - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.  The word "patriarch" means father-governor.  The patriarchal system is government by the male head of the clan.  Genesis has been called the "seedpod book," because all the other Books of the Bible seem to spring from it (
source: KJV
I refuse to argue creation v.s. the theory of evolution, does God exist, is the Bible truely the inspired Word of God, and all the other standard arguments.  Knowing by science and math is no more real or objective or certain then knowing by faith!  This is our starting point or foundation for ALL further discussion.  If Genesis is not true then chance is our creator and the brute beasts are our ancestors!  God does not have to be explained. What has to be explained is everything else!

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