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Crippled Christians

    Oh how it was suggested that I elect to use another title/description other than "Crippled Christians."  Yeah...crippled is not blog friendly or politically correct.  I'm not even fond of calling myself crippled....or even disabled.  Still...it is just a word and heaven knows I have been called, and thought of as MUCH worse - even by family!
    Before proceding on this "Thin Ice" I wish to thank Tyler Fieldhouse [The TwoStoryHouse.com] for allowing me to use one of my favorite illustrations of his.  I have now spent countless hours applying different thoughts/interpretations to the illustration.  I am constantly amazed and entertained at how the illustration gets interpreted by me depending on my frame of mind/mood/attitude at the time of viewing.
    If the word crippled disturbs you then do not click on this link.  He that hath ears to hear, let him hear...please let me share this with you if you are able to see beyond the snare of ego/pride.
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