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           How Very Sad                  170311
Recently I was provided the opportunity to speak with someone about the love of God.  How very sad that this individual came to live in this wonderful, historic city and they cannot find a church they are comfortable in.  They had “issues” with the business of religiosity.  I will not share with you the religious denomination this person started out with.  They later “converted” to another but to their dismay they found the same business of religiosity that has been present since just a few years after Lord Jesus’ ascension back the Father!  Many individuals, primarily clergy, will not like what I am about to write.  First a brief personal background reminder before the launch.
No pity party – but because of personal limitations I find myself only able to go outside and share the gospel for a few precious hours one or two days per week.  I cannot recall just how many times I have heard this same issue (complaint) about some church, denomination, or clergy member(s) arise.  I have to continue to ask myself why, thousands of years after Christ Jesus and the Apostles started, taught, and lived the original Church of Christ Jesus we too often treat this (religion/the church) as a business.  Allow me to explain this in a bit more detail – come on – you made it this far…just hear me out okay?
I am asked why I do not preach in a brick and mortar church.  When I share, through Christ Jesus and am inspired by the Holy Spirit, the gospel “on the street” in hospitals, senior facilities, or study groups most people appear to gravitate to the Word and I am able to experience this with them.  I believe this is because of the personal interaction.  This is truly a deep emotional experience for the learner as well as me!  At first that alarmed me and then I began to see the fruits.  In the Spirit, through Christ Jesus, I came to believe that I was able to feed these “hungry” people – young, old, wealthy, and not.  Plant a church – I’ll come and I bet others will too I am so often told!  Okay, here is the nexus of this article.
I borrow from the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians, “For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel, and not with words of eloquent wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power” (1 Cor. 1:17, ESV).  Are there only certain individuals “qualified” to baptize?  According to Scripture the answer is no.  Am I at all comfortable with the idea of Baptizing an individual(s)?  No – not unless I have known this person intimately for many years so I can be comfortable with the sincerity of their walk with God.  I am a street minister who does NOT feel called to baptize.  In God’s Holy Spirit, and through Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior, I am at such great peace sharing the gospel – with NO strings attached.  I ask and expect nothing from others for what I do.  If I were anything but a street preacher I would have to depend on others but Father wants me to preach and teach the way He has directed me to.  

How very sad business, ego, and greed are still the propellants for sharing the Word.  I am not the only “street minister” out here.  The person I was writing about in the beginning of this article simply asked if it was the Holy Bible I was reading as they observed me sitting and reading.  I will not push God on anyone, but if your want to converse, simply open the door to us like that person did!  Until you find a comfortable church I, and others akin to me, are here to help you in your walk.  Please don’t harden your heart and just give up….I have Good News for you if you seek me out.  Praise God and His Son, our Lord and savior Christ Jesus, in His Holy Spirit.
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