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Third Commandment
In our Holy Bible one's name was very telling of the individual.  Personal names had a meaning.  For example, the original Hebrew name, Abram was changed to Abraham. There's only one man named Abram in the Bible, namely the famous son ofTerah, who left Ur of the Chaldeans and headed for a land which YHWH would show him (Genesis 11:31).  Abram is the first on record to be approached by the pre-incarnate Word of the Lord (15:1), the first to be called Hebrew (14:13) and the first to engage in international commerce.  Source: (http://www.abarim-publications.com/Meaning/Abram.html#.W4a1jjH842w).  Abraham means, “A father of many nations” (KJV).
    So it is with God’s name.  Just a quick FYI…according to ChristianAnswers.net there are 956 names and titles of God found in our Holy Bible. All those names have a very specific definition describing a Divine attribute of God the Father!  
Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that  taketh his name in vain (KJV).
“The Lord will not hold him guiltless (clean) who takes His name in vain.”  The test for spiritual cleanliness is our attitude to the name of God. This is not something to read and just pass over.  Please allow the reiteration…The test for spiritual cleanliness is our attitude to the name of God! Think about what spiritual cleanliness is with regard to God’s name.  How many “names” and “titles” are attributed to God in our Holy Bible?  Did I mention all those names have a very specific definition describing a Divine attribute of God the Father! We must know who and what He is.  How else can we possibly know what He requires of us?  As we learn the meanings behind His names and titles, we begin to realize that we no longer have an excuse should/when we disrespect our God (i.e., attitude).  What so many believe about the Third Commandment is that the Commandment refers to using God’s name in vain (cursing).  Here’s a news flash to those that believe they have a handle on this Commandment.  God names Himself what He is!  Roderick Meredith wrote, “If men use the name of God in a way that denies the true meaning and character of God, they are breaking the third commandment” (Meredith, R., The Ten Commandments).  I whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Meredith when he wrote, in the same publication, “[S]omeone is better off who—because of sincere religious doubts—has dropped the name of God from his vocabulary, than a professing Christian who talks about God continually, but denies Him in daily life!”  All forms of disrespect are denying God.  Included in all forms of disrespect is....what is in your heart/mind. Sounds like attitude again!
    A popular “intellectual exercise” among those with far too much time on their hands is to enlighten everyone with the proper name and pronunciation of God.  Here’s another news flash…One does not need to learn Greek or Hebrew to properly pronounce God’s name.  Scholars agree that the original Hebrew vowels have not been preserved, so NO ONE knows exactly how the Hebrew name for God should be pronounced.  Can we all just move on to something else?   Some just do not see the “plank” in their own eye at times – I digress.  The names of God show us what He is like and reveal His character.  I apologize if I have the wrong name here as the author of what I want to share.  I believe his name is Roger Foster and he is an author for United Church of God.  He wrote:
       “Many who have heard much about God carelessly assume they know Him—that they have an acceptable relationship with Him.  Yet they have never learned really to respect Him” (United Church of God, TheTen Commandments, p. 22).

Pray with me please:
    Holy Father I respectfully come to you with a petition.  I ask that you please help me to honor your name in all things, even as I seek to honor you in all things. When I use your name, may I always do so with reverence and respect.  In Christ Jesus I pray, amen.
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